Scarlet & Ivy

These dear little ones are such a joy to be around. Their house is full of love and creativity. Scarlet, age 2 is a clever cookie and stumped me with her excellent memory, she even taught me how to make scones! Ivy, 7 months old is inquisitive and likes to stay up and play rather than go back to sleep. The girls mum and dad are good friends of mine and are amazing parents. I so admire they are bringing up their beautiful daughters. Mum Bek is the author of an inspiring blog called "Just For Daisy" that is full of ideas and creativity from their everyday lives. To check it out click the link below...


One week old Harper sure didn't want to go to sleep when I met her. She is so tiny and dainty with a strong will to see everything going on around her. When she eventually drifted off into sleep I got some gorgeous peaceful shots...

Eva's Cake Smash

I have had the privilege of photographing Eva at different stages of her life since she was born. It has been so good seeing how much she has grown each time I see her. This recent photo shoot was so much fun watching her explore her cake that celebrated her first birthday. She loved eating that cake!



On my recent trip to Fiji I had the pleasure of photographing baby Nemani and his family. He was so chilled out and has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen and thats no exaggeration! 
IMG_0839 copy3.jpg
IMG_0837 copy2.jpg
IMG_0880 copy2.jpg
IMG_0879 copy2.jpg
IMG_0910 copyb.jpg
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IMG_0873 copy2.jpg
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IMG_0860 copy2.jpg


This family and I had a lovely afternoon in their home by the ocean taking photos and catching up. Landon is so precious and was only 2 weeks old.

IMG_1296 copy2b.jpg
IMG_1320 copy2b.jpg
IMG_1317 copy2b.jpg
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