Beautiful Friends in Beautiful Kangaroo Valley

As I have relocated to Kangaroo Valley I thought I would show you some of this amazing place and at the same time celebrate my beautiful friend who is about to have her 3rd baby. Her two boys are so precious- they love being outdoors kicking a ball or throwing rocks into the creek, we had such fun! 

Family time...

I have loved being about to photograph this family at different stages of their lives. First came beautiful Eva but this time it was all about the newest addition Amity. On a cold winters day we stayed cozy inside for these precious first family photos...


10 month old Oli came with his mumma to Sydney to visit and I had the pleasure of taking some natural, relaxed shots while he played and I caught up with his mum. We had a lovely afternoon together!


What a gorgeous little one Allessia is, I love her full head of hair at just 2 weeks old...

Danielle & Oliver

Danielle and Oliver's wedding was a beautiful, relaxed and fun celebration with close family and friends in the heart of Sydney, check it out...


Beautiful Evie at just 1 week old...


This gorgeous lil 9 month old Mahlie is such a natural beauty. She has such a sparkle in her eye and a cutie smile. She is also full of energy and loves to crawl everywhere. Mahlie was an absolute joy to photograph! 

Rebecca and Jeremy

Wedding season is coming up so I thought I would inspire everyone with this beautiful wedding on Shelley Beach, Manly... 

Taylar Mai Love

What a little angel- Taylar Mai Love slept cozily through her first photoshoot (as planned) and I loved every minute of it! Being the 4th girl in her family there are many helpful hands around the house and it is so nice to see how much the other girls love their new baby sister. Taylar has incredible, loving and giving parents who I am blessed to know. A couple of special things to look out for are the pink booties hand made by one of her talented sisters and the cream coloured blanket that Taylar is wrapped in- it is the same blanket that her mum was wrapped in as a baby!!

Adventures with Sammy, Heidi & Mali

This family is very close to my heart and recently I had the luxury of house sitting for them- you will see the amazing headland within walking distance from their house! Heidi, Mark, Sammy and Mali are like family to me and I love spending time with them so I thought I would share one of our adventures with you...

Alana and Matt - The Ceremony

Alana and Matt had a beautiful ceremony at St. Michael's Anglican Church Vaucluse. I loved the sandstone chapel and the incredible view! 

New addition...

You might have seen a little while ago I did a post of this lovely family and Anna was here they are with their new addition to the family Ezra- what a cutie!

Easter with these cuties

Easter craft and an egg hunt with these gorgeous girls on the weekend. Easter is so much more exciting when there are children around, they help you remember the joy in the simple things. Before the girls did the egg hunt, I was guarding the the door so no one peeked and it was so amusing to watch how much energy and excitement came from the anticipation of hunting for eggs in the garden and it made me think- when was the last time I was that excited that I continually wanted to jump off the couch and spin around? 

Lucea Eve

I absolutely loved going to Lucea's home for her photoshoot- I love her parents style in decorating their home. Everything was so unique to them and I could have taken pictures in there all day. The original map on their wall was a main feature and appears in a couple of the photos. Apart from all that, Lucea is such a cute little gumnut with so much gorgeous dark hair and inquisitive eyes. Enjoy...

Baby Bump

Beautiful Anna is not far off having her second baby at the moment and I'm glad we got the chance to take some pictures first. Two year old Indie has a gorgeous head of hair and a cute smile when you get her laughing. She loves her "Peters" which are her teddies, see if you can spot them. It was a pleasure spending time with Anna, Leighton and Indie and I look forward to meeting the new addition to their family very soon.

Adventures with Chloe

An amazing, creative friend of mine Chloe and I took our cameras one afternoon for some fun and exploration. We had a blast driving around not far from home, taking photos of each other in interesting locations- our favourite was the corn fields!

Seb and Sharon

Seb and Sharon had such a beautiful wedding in Canberra. There was this amazing sculpture that you could walk into that we found and made for gorgeous photos.